Only Fumes and Corpses at Whelan’s – Photos

only-fumes-and-corpses-whelans-20Only Fumes and Corpses supported Hatebreed at Whelan’s last Tuesday, August 6th.

This was the last gig for Only Fumes and Corpses. The Galway band decided to stop playing together. Here’s what they wrote on their Facebook page:

“After 8 years, over 200 shows across Europe, 3 EPs, 1 Album and a Demo we have decided to put Only Fumes & Corpses on indefinite hiatus. This was not an easy decision to make, life is pulling us in different directions and the band is not functioning as any of us want it to at the moment. We’d like to thank our ex-members and everyone who ever came to a show, gave us a gig, released us on a label, traded us through distro, put us up, fed us, watered us, bought merch, downloaded our songs or gave a fuck in any way about our band.”

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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