Orchid Collective’s New Single – ‘Lay As Stone’

Orchid Collective 'Lay As Stone'

Orchid Collective 'Lay As Stone'

Dublin four-piece Orchid Collective are set to launch their new single ‘Lay As Stone’ with a gig upstairs in Whelan’s on 11 March.

The track is a mesh of influences, ranging from the grand spectacle of post-rock to the more restrained wistfulness of folk music. Orchid Collective have managed to craft a song as complex as it is catchy, infectious from the offset, yet deeply rewarding with further listens. Indie-pop sensibilities are embodied in the twinkling guitars which draw the listener in, before the song opens up and becomes a much more layered beast. The production on the track is quiet and loud in all the right places, offering a compelling contrast which ranges from sparse vocals to densely packed instrumentation. The kinetic energy of ‘Lay As Stone’ builds to a tumultuous climax of crunching guitars and vocal harmonies before winding down abruptly, further evidencing the carefully considered pacing of the track.

Orchid Collective have toured Ireland extensively over the past year, honing their live act, and the launch of ‘Lay As Stone’ should further establish the immense potential of the young Dubliners.

Update 4 March: Orchid Collective unveil a brand new video for ‘Lay As Stone’.


Shane Croghan

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