Otherkin – Debut EP Broken English (Review)

otherkin-lockjawOtherkin are an indie rock band hailing from the Irish Capital. Their debut EP “Broken English”, for which they wrote all the music themselves, is due for release in April and they have publicly released their first single “Lockjaw” and its music video.

The public single’s vocals give a definite indie sound to their music with plenty of passion and soul to give it the feel of any good rock ballad. This track in particular shows a similarity between Otherkin and British indie rockers Editors. The Dublin group described their premier track as ‘a pop song about depression’.

Despite the deep and occasionally bleak lyrics, “Lockjaw”, is really easy to listen to and has some really acoustically beautiful moments, such as the quieting of the instruments and echoed vocals before the second chorus.

Their debut EP overall shows quite a lot a variety; very unusual for a first EP. From the slightly quieter, gentle opening of “Waypoints” to the almost electro-esque guitar work in ’89 the group really show an incredible range in this short EP and make a great first impression. “Better undone” (the final track on the EP) even has an alternative edge to it with the vocals produced differently to the other tacks and an emphasis on the percussion.

The fact that they have so much stylistic variation while keeping a signature sound speaks volumes. These are definitely ones to watch for 2013 and bring a great new sound into the indie-rock scene.

Review by Kat Clinch


Lucy Ivan

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