Paramore at The O2 Dublin – Review and Photos


Paramore at The O2, Dublin – Monday, 2nd August 2013

Insanely popular emo-punk band Paramore and chameleon front woman Hayley Williams bombed into a hot and packed O2 arena after support came from Walking on Cars who opened to a tremendous response from the full house screaming along to their tunes. Kerry’s popular act did themselves proud, ending on “Catch Me If You Can” which is a catchy pop-rock tune and the crowd loved that. Paramore had attracted a rather alternative niche crowd from emo-boppers, alt-rockers, some awkward looking men hanging around dark corners.

Their opening moment can only be described as jaw dropping, they light up the stage with a massive bolt of lightning and their white logo exploded onto our eyes. Williams bounced about resembling a modern day “Tank Girl”, peachy-red cropped hair, glossy-red spandex trousers dishing out some serious rock dance moves. She is like a colourful Alice Glass with the voice of Gwen Stefani and extremely quirky. Lights were constantly piercing our eyes, rather spectacular but the music is what we were there for during “That’s What You Get“.

After “Decode” Williams shrilled “hello” to us, promising a wonderful, first night of their tour and hoped to “give us something to talk about”. Smashing into “We are Broken” she moves and tells what’s what. Quickly pit stopping for the acoustic rendition singing “I’m not unhappy anymore”, it’s hard to feel entirely stimulated by the lyrics and the songs begin to sound the same as the pace slows the band mates remain in the same positions. Smashing on with “Pressure” it’s pretty amazing feeling now, Williams is so mesmerizing like a work of art.

Paramore’s founding band members left amidst a media storm, however the new guitarists are rather slick and combined with Williams operatic vocals, proved they are moving on to better things. Touching her keyboard she plays “Future” singing lyrics like “Tomorrow makes it better”.

“Brick By Boring Brick” is super boppy very similar to “No Doubt” and it was followed by “The Only Acceptation” an old, very dreamy song. There is a slight identity crisis between the pop punk and acoustic romantic songs. Williams moves from her pop song to a cover of “Changes” by Fleetwood Mac. Suddenly feeling confused as to where their music directions lies.

After a break they returned for more, “Pressure” saw the guitarists doing acrobatics over each others backs. Pulling the lucky and the awesome Stacy Lee, from the crowd to sing and rocked out to “Misery”. Returning after the encore her voice is gorgeous and the band’s very rock style punk edge also returns.”Part Two” rocked out the arena and “Moving on” gave them an acoustic rest that was a welcome break. “We are Broken” had everyone jumping out of their skin and going wild.

Yelling into yellow light is how they left the stage while orange confetti blasted all around us into the arena, they did well in Dublin. Strong start to the “Paratour”, some of the slower songs and covers are weak, and probably could do with being removed as the crowd wasn’t responding to them. Paramore may be the last of the emo pop-punk era, but as for the spunky Williams…no doubt this will be the last we will hear of her, she’s rather awe-inspiring.

Review by Áine Byrne

Photos by David Doyle


Lucy Ivan

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