Petty Youth – Irish Band Of The Week

Petty Youth - Irish Band Of The Week

Petty Youth - Irish Band Of The Week

Petty Youth are a garage rock band hailing from County Down. Formed three years ago, the band set out to release unconventionally gritty music, rock with a little more kick. Labelling themselves as the music ‘your mammy warned you about’, their sound is straightforward and unapologetically formidable. Admitting that their sound has a strict DIY ethic, the array of self-recorded singles they have released have received immense acclaim, both on national and international radio stations. With a sound that teeters the line between The Stooges and The Hives, it’s hard not to like what they’re about – real, authentic garage rock ‘n’ roll.

Petty Youth are pretty comprehensive in their touring schedule and have played the typical array of music shows and festivals. What earmarks them as so idiosyncratically unique is their breakthrough moments of glam-rock. Their sound is so fiercely raw and intense that when these roaring, glam-rock riffs make their appearance, it totally transforms Petty Youth’s sound, showing the sheer craftsmanship that goes into their work. While the band firmly root themselves in garage-rock, the reality is that they draw in a multitude of influences into their sound, making it a richly layered tapestry of sound.

Their latest release, ‘Take Me Away’, is the perfect culmination of this notable musical talent, it has classic garage rock causticness but, sporadically, blue-jams makes an appearance before heart-pulsing vocals take the lead – it’s got everything you need. The next gig the boys will be playing is in Belfast and will no doubt be a knockout. However, if you can’t make it, then I strongly suggest giving their latest musical offering a listen.



Elaine McDonald

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