Planet Parade And Hatchlings At Whelan’s – Review

Planet Parade And Hatchlings At Whelan’s - Review

Planet Parade And Hatchlings At Whelan’s - Review

Warm cheeked in Whelan’s upstairs, the crowd gather around in the darkness and intimacy. New on the scene, four-piece Hatchlings dive straight in with explosive drum and guitar. Immediately, a great atmosphere comes into play. They kick off with their track ‘Sexy B’ which grasps and cultivates every initial linger of interest. Every shivering call of ‘I’ll drive you in’ etches in memory. Intricate and engaging, this tune seems to explore and expose thoughts and emotions so poignantly expressed that we can’t help but hang onto the words .

‘Picnic’ gives a shining portrayal of the band’s character. As a song written about a girl one of the musicians encountered at Electric Picnic, it feels like a summer’s day dreamy sequence. ‘I’d love to throw you in the shower just to see if we both fit in’. There’s a strong and admirable sense of genuineness to it. Everything about this moment feels splendidly liberated.

Hatchlings embody joyful alternative, even bringing to mind The Kooks at an instance. Each band member is truly into it – wearing stage presence like second nature. It only enhances the experience to see the band cracking smiles in their element, lighting up this Whelan’s room.

Their absorbing howls are gratifying to the ear. More pensive moments of the band’s music are often soul lifting – contributed to significantly by sweetly soaring keyboard notes. Musical adeptness is in abundance; a mixture of entrancing lyrics, riffs and cries – all spinning together blissfully and fiercely.

‘Sundown’ brings about an adequately revelrous ending. The ground bounces as the crowd rumble in merriment, decibels rising and heightening at a level that perseveres at length till the very end of the thunderous applause.

And so Planet Parade grace the stage with their alluring dreamy melody and solid rhythm. The minute his voice transmits through the mic, every memory of his gorgeous tone comes back in full effect. Dazzlingly reverberant in moments, it allows lyrics like ‘I always said you’d walk on me’ to sink through us magically. Lost somewhere among the Hawaiian vibe and congas’ beat the audience indulge, dancing and delirious. With Planet Parade’s sense numbing music, this night is a haze of care-free musical cleansing.

Each instrumental ingredient is immaculately added to the mix – tambourine, perfect riffs, shakers, synth. Their youthful track ‘Blue Sky’ ignites a beaming response from those in attendance – mirroring the continued upheaval.

A peculiar sadness arises in their music. With a sound that completely merits the word funky, occasional intimate songs and moments (‘maybe it’s time to move on, love never lasted so long’) dull our senses and carry us away. Planet Parade, with their combining elements of content, instrument, arrangements and vocals, are unarguably and wonderfully distinct – a trait exhibited throughout, from start to finish.

Review by Shannon Welby


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