Pleasing Features at The Workman’s Club – Review



Pleasing Features at The Workman’s Club Dublin is a monthly session which promotes new and up and coming acts. It’s free in with donations accepted at the end of the night. This week at Pleasing Features there were some very interesting bands indeed.

The night kicked off early with the first band Rafters coming to stage just after 8pm. Rafters are a post punk band from Tallaght. Unfortunately the place hadn’t quite filled up by the time they went to stage but they gave a decent performance banging out their new song ‘Igby’, with vocals reminiscent of post punk hero Ian Curtis.

The night took a flip and turned those frowns upside down with the introduction of The Shades. The Shades are a pure 50’s/60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit from Dublin/Kildare. Beatlemania will never rest where these guys are playing. With haircuts and a Paul McCartney style bass guitar to match, these guys put on quite a show, which had even the most non-dancers of us tapping their feet. Playing several of their own numbers, which no doubt could be hidden songs from The Beatles debut album ‘Please, Please Me’, they played a great set with the standout song amongst the revellers ‘Bless My Soul’.

Next up were Dublin synth-indie band Segrasso. It was unfortunately a short set, as I would have liked to have seen more of them, but time constraints on the night restricted their stage time. The audience looked to enjoy their modern twist on 80’s style synth pop.

The headline act on the night were our former Irish Band of the Week Pelicans. The venue filled fractionally more with their introduction and they came out to cheers and applause. Pelicans are an Alt-indie band and are also from Dublin, but scattering the northside. They were formed in late 2011 first calling themselves The Boxing Social. They opened their set with the impressive ‘Sylvie’, a smooth rock song to whet the appetite, and continued it with the songs ‘Eye Contact’, ‘Violence’ and the crowd’s favourite (and song of the night) ‘M.P.F.’. Pelicans really know how to create a party atmosphere at their gigs and regardless of the disappointing turnout, they made the room feel full and made it a great night for all.

Review by Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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