Pleasure Beach – Irish Band Of The Week

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Pleasure Beach - Irish Band Of The Week

In keeping with Halloween Spirit, we’ve decided to give you a real treat this week in the form of our Irish Band of the Week. Belfast five piece Pleasure Beach have been going from strength to strength since their debut single ‘Go’ burst onto the Irish music scene in October of last year. Almost immediately, the band were tipped as ones to watch and were even nominated for a Choice Music Prize ‘Song of the Year’.

Their beginnings are as interesting as their sound with all the members meeting whilst working in the estimable coffee shops of Belfast, they were all established musicians and songwriters in their own right. Yet, in spite of their independence Lisa, Rachel, Kat, Alan and Richard united over what they described as a ‘shared penchant for sophisticated espresso, along with other much less pretentious intoxicants’. It was during these caffeine-fuelled musings that they realised that their collective sound would operate far better through collaborating, and in January 2015 they began to experiment with their sound. It was during a particularly dry spell in county Down that they began to move their sound into more uncharted territory, developing a more textured, lush sound, that dabbled with a¬†slightly psychedelic aesthetic. This experimentation eventually became the bedrock of their first studio recordings; it’s an unapologetic mingling of heartbroken emotions, part existential crisis, and part horror show. Their debut single is the perfect culmination of all these elements, ‘Go’ is unrelenting in its dream-pop stylings and marked the crucial beginnings of what Pleasure Beach would be all about.

Since their fledgling beginnings, their fame has sky-rocketed, working on the festival circuit, performing on RTE Radio One, and even performing alongside BellX1, earmarking them for even greater glory. Their songs have an undeniable anthemic quality to them, using their varying strands of experience and interests, the band developed songs that managed to piece all these musical backgrounds together and form musical experiences alive with energy and passion.

So what’s next for the band? Well, judging by their Facebook, they’re still on a high from their performance with BellX1 but have a few local gigs planned so try your best to catch them.

In the meantime, check out the song that made them an overnight sensation.


Elaine McDonald

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