Preacher’s Son at the Olympia Theatre – Photos and Review

preachers-son-olympia-theatre-35Preacher’s Son opened for The Riptide Movement in the Olympia on Friday 24th of May.

They played a fantastic short set that really set the rhythm for the main act to come. Their first track “Should have been gone” was a bluesy, countryish number with a strong bass line that had the building rattling! It was intriguingly melancholy but guitar heavy to keep it loud and lively.

They followed it with new track “Angel” which was heavily percussive and loud loud loud!

The set was very quick but the lead singer was lively and jokey throughout meaning there was no slow down between songs. He even took time to introduce the band which included, in his words, ‘a militant vegetarian, a guitar psychologist and of course batman.’

“This Time of Life” had some really lovely echoing female vocals in the finish and most of their tracks had head-bangingly energetic choruses. “Jonny’s alright” had a toe-tapping beat and a slightly pop-rockier sound with tambourines cranking up the tempo. The final two tracks really got the crowd on a high for the main act. “Come on”‘s electrifying guitar and near punky shout-along chorus got the everyone fired up before bassist Ger of The Riptide Movement joined them onstage, pinching the lead singer in the bum as he did so! Ger shredded the harmonica for the concluding anthem-style bluesy number whose heavy drumbeat pounded through the chests of the audience making for a truly exhilarating finish.

Preacher’s Son’s bluesy rock style complemented the main act fantastically and their infectious energy made for a great start to a great night of music at the Olympia.

Review by Kat Clinch

Photos by Chris Charousset


Lucy Ivan

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