Preachers Son’s ’10 Stories Tall’ album – Review

Preachers Son 10 Stories Tall

 Preachers Son 10 Stories Tall - ReviewPreachers Son was formed by Brian Hogan in 2009 (bass player with Irish folk rock act Kíla), and the band has one album ‘Love Life and Limb’ (2010). Hogan leads the band by collaborating with an array of leading musicians and producers such as Gavin Friday, Mark Urselli (Lou Reed) and Warren Huart (Aerosmith).

Their album, ’10 Stories Tall’, is released on August 4th.

’10 Stories Tall’ opens with the song ‘Jericho’. Hogan’s vocal is rich and deep with the band accompanying in a swampy American rock style with heavy guitar riff lines and harmonica sweeps along with decidedly Irish lyrics like “there’s not enough Hail Mary’s”. ‘Come On’ is just cool, with scintillating riffs and a vocal similar to Eddie Vedder, this is simply a great track. Hogan has an inclination towards romance which can be heard in ‘Unbroken’, ‘Sophie’s Song’ with the best being ‘Woman’.

‘Angel’ and ‘Lead’ could have been let aside during the selection process, but then when there are over 8 great songs to choose from the list is endless for songs for further listening, for example – ‘Weeping World’ is an atmospheric epic, journey of a song, ‘Johnny’s Alright’ has strangely, dulcet vocals by Hogan with intriguing harmonies and ‘Somebody Down’ is an alternative, easy paced song. Mark Urselli’s influence on this album are like moments of magic, and I would like to have heard more of his influence and psychedelic style on the more romantic songs.

‘Somebody Down’ is definitely the stand out song (for me) on the album – “Get up, Stand up, Stand your ground, Don’t you know you can’t keep somebody down”.

Hogan and the band has already received much critical acclaim and exposure within the US and UK music industries, with an award from the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival for Best Video for single ‘Come On’ in 2012. This is an Americana rock album and a specific music taste, so if you like bands like Mark Lanegan, Janes Addiction, this album is worth checking out.

Preachers Son are celebrating the release of the album with a free gig at the Mercantile on August 10th.

Watch the video for “Come On”, one of the tracks on the album!

Review by Aine Byrne


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