Pretty Beast – Irish Band of the Week

Pretty Beast Irish Band of The Week

Pretty Beast Irish Band of The Week

With the famous KnockanStockan festival drawing ever closer, I felt now was a good time to examine some of the lesser known acts that were playing, Pretty Beast being one of them. Don’t get me wrong, this delightfully cheeky foursome have some devoted fans but seeing as they only emerged on the music scene this year, it seems only right to make them our Irish Band of the Week.

Comprised of lots of facial hair, leather, some serious vocals, and guitar riffs to melt your face, Pretty Beasts are the rock band that the country needs right now (even if it doesn’t know). Pretty Beast hail from the capital and their background seems quite mysterious, with their bio claiming that within the few short months of forming they were given free rein of The Meadow studios with recording engineer and producer Rían Trench (Solar Bears, Leo Drezden). The results are magical.

Born in that little recording studio was the apocalyptic, rock-heavy, pulse-pounding, head-exploding sound that is intrinsic to the boys. Their “the end is nigh” sound evolved into their debut EP, curiously named Content. I say curiously because these guys are not content with producing average music, their high-octane, knee-jerk sound is the love child of the Prodigy and Queens of the Stone Age— and what a beautiful baby those influences make. Check out the brilliant song ‘Raid’, just to get your heart racing.

If you’re looking for pulsating dance beats that evolve into ferocious heavy metal riffs with just a sprinkling of electronica, then check these boys out. Even better, if you’re off to KnockanStockan, check them out!

By Elaine McDonald


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