Prince Fatty, Horseman and Hollie Cook @ The Button Factory (photos)

Hollie Cook

Hollie CookThe Button Factory hosted British record producer Prince Fatty, Horseman and Hollie Cook for a special show on Thursday, October 25th. The Barley Mob were invited as supporting act.

Prince Fatty, a.k.a. Mike Pelanconi, is a British sond engineer/record producer who created a single inspired by Jamaican music for a clothing company, for their 25th anniversary. The single created by Pelanconi was so well-received that he decided to explore Jamaican music more.

Mutant HiFi, a.k.a. Nick Coplowe, was the first to come on stage with Prince Fatty. The crowd seemed shy and enjoyed the first few tunes in their seats, probably frightened by the little man in black kimono, flip-flops, sombrero, 3d glasses, holding an electric guitar. The floor filled after a few minutes though.

The second part of Prince Fatty’s set has Horseman and Hollie Cook on stage. Hollie Cook, for those of you who don’t know her, is the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and Jeni, former member of Culture Beat. She released her first album, Hollie Cook, in 2011.

A very nice blend of old school reggae and hip-hop by Horseman and Hollie’s amazing voice were the ingredients for a very intense show. It was great fun.


Lucy Ivan

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