Race The Flux – ‘Matty Rusko’

Race The Flux - 'Matty Rusko'

Race The Flux - 'Matty Rusko'

Galwegian quartet Race The Flux have released their new single ‘Matty Rusko’, a slice of alternative rock with a heavy tendency toward the progressive.

‘Matty Rusko’ ebbs and flows with a sort of refined energy that grows looser and heavier as the track drives toward a crunching conclusion. Race The Flux have filtered elements of post rock through a more conventional song-writing sensibility to concoct a mesh of genres that remains progressive without ever threatening to become self-indulgent. The complex rhythms often found in math rock are rendered more palatable by the carefully considered song structure adhered to by the group, showcasing their ability to find memorable hooks in the least likely places.

Race The Flux have managed to locate themselves within a neat little niche often left unexplored in Irish music. They somehow toe the line between the experimental and the anthemic, simultaneously indulging their more progressive tendencies and crafting melodies that linger in the ear. This unique approach to genre leaves the Galway four-piece with endless freedom for exploration, and this freedom is evident in ‘Matty Rusko’, one of the more compelling tracks to appear from the West of Ireland in recent memory.


Shane Croghan

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