Rachael Boyd at the Workman’s Club – Photos


Classical/Electronic act Rachael Boyd played in the Workman’s Club on Friday night, July 12th, in support of Codes. This event was part of 10 Days in Dublin. Rachael and her band from Belfast play a mixture of classical music with a unique synth twist. I’ve never seen it done before, but it worked so well. Multi-talented Boyd produces all her own music and on the night played 3 instruments at once, synth, looped live recording on the piano/keys and after arranging all that she produces a violin and proceeds to play an accompanying captivating melody. This set the tone for her set of 7 songs. Lyrics in her songs were rare, but were certainly not needed as Rachael and her band members (on drums, Cello and guitar) made music that did not require explanation.

Rachael is also a member of another project Silhouette that supported Blondie in the Olympia Theatre three weeks ago.

Setlist for the evening:

  • Pace it
  • Don’t be selfish
  • Aim too high
  • Etude
  • You need to stop looking
  • Black Piano
  • Back in your box

You can check out Rachael’s music at Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Review by Pat Byrne

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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