Review of Barry & Liebe’s Debut EP ‘Mariposa’

Mariposa Barry and Liebe

Mariposa Barry and LiebeIntimate guitar strums ease us in to ‘Dear Beautiful Dreamer’, the opening track that introduces us to the world of Barry & Liebe. Then comes a pleasureful transition to a masterful harmony – teamed with piano, violin and guitar. The sounds are enchanting, drawing us to another world. Soon, we are lost in some small, darkened, jazzy room where smooth, sensual music dominates and graces the air.

‘You Know What’ boasts Barry & Liebe’s musical ability to explore new grounds, to alter genre and produce different sounds. It has a much more upbeat tempo and as well as that, it is much less sober than its predecessor. The vocals of Barry Hughes on this track in contrast to Liebe Kelly’s previously is also a refreshing change. It is always admirable when an act have the capability to go outside of one particular ground. Barry & Liebe here prove to us that they have a vast amount to offer.

‘Reveal’ fills us with an urge to shake. Its winning aspect is certainly the solid rhythm that continues through out. The perfectly pitched ‘ooooh’s also enhance this track, giving it a soul kind of edge.

When I hear the final song, ‘Wonder Why’, an imaginary sunrise glimmers in my mind. This song is wonderfully spirit lifting thanks to elements such as soaring violin notes. With lyrics like ‘I wonder why I let you slip away’ it is also heartfelt, truthful and thoughtful, yet still gleaming with a positivity and hopefulness. Barry Hughes’ voice is kind and easy on the ear, furthering our enjoyment of ‘Wonder Why’, a well chosen ending track that leaves us keen to hear more.

You can listen to the sounds of Barry & Liebe on their Soundcloud.

Review by Shannon Welby


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