Review of Oak Hollow’s debut EP ‘Life Masks’

Oak Hollow, Life Masks

Oak Hollow, Life Masks

‘Freedom’ is the superb and becoming opening to Oak Hollow’s debut EP ‘Life Masks’. Straight away, we acknowledge the allure of Dav Campbell’s voice as well as the skill of the instrumental musicians that together create sounds of excellence. From a stripped back interlude to an unyielding punch, Oak Hollow’s range is here majorly exhibited.

The word easing springs to mind when I listen to ‘Blue’ – a medley of suave vocals, pleasureful guitar work, echoing clarion backing and a hint of fitting percussion. I have great admiration for this song, finding it an exceptionally lovely piece to listen to. However ‘Blue’ is a lot more than a gentle tune, as following the soothing stretch we reach a climactic transition to a fuller rock sound. This is powerful, and thrills us with its alteration.

In addition, the lyrics exude a commendable depth – “I am alone in my mind, but so is everyone else in time”, adding essence and meaning to this fine track.

‘Waste Away’ is intricate and interesting, diving between a tone of almost summery lightheartedness and burning passion. This comes about from the mixture between often leisurely instrumental and the emotion in Campbell’s voice as he belts “but you still walk away”. All in all, it works out as a tremendous alt-rock tune.

The final track, ‘Unwound’, leaves us with a final confirmation of Oak Hollow’s sheer talent. Phenomenal riffs prove to be the key component, catapulting the energy above and beyond. A jolting effect from pauses, as well as the touch of synthesiser, both add to ‘Unwound”s excellence. This track will have you unwind, (pun unintended), shaking it out to the soaring notes.

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Review by Shannon Welby


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