Review: PC World EP By Abandcalledboy

Abandcalledboy PC World

Abandcalledboy PC World

Continuing the current trend for gender-monikered bands (we’re looking at you September Girls, Girl Band, Girls Names) are Belfast four-piece Abandcalledboy who have just released their curiously titled EP PCWORLD. The three tracks on show are a caustic mix of noise rock and post hardcore, drawing inspiration from the other side of the pond.
‘Pure Nostalgia’ is classic US alternative rock – a dash of Sonic Youth here, a measure of Dinosaur Jr. there – akin to what one might have heard on 120 Minutes in 1989. ‘Renaissance Man’ reminds me of DFA1979, with its bass-heavy sludge, but when keys are thrown into in the mix and dynamics of noise and tempo are introduced, it becomes a much more interesting song, with echoes of our own BATS. It’s missing a spine to hold it together as a mini-epic but as an experimental piece, it’s an enthralling listen. The final track ‘Choke’ peaks and dips in all the right places, but for the most part it rockets along at breakneck pace, and wouldn’t sound out of place on At The Drive In’s seminal Relationship Of Command.
Verily, it’s a fine time for Irish alternative rock, with the bands mentioned at the top of this piece carving out their own successful niches. On the evidence of this EP, Abandcalledboy have joined the party. They play Dundalk’s Spirit Store on 23 October and Sweeney’s Bar, Dublin, on 13 November.

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Keith McGouran

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