Ryan Sheridan at The O2 (photos)

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Ryan Sheridan is the unmistakeable rhythm of his tune ‘The Dreamer’. It was featured on one of Heineken’s most recent ads. But there’s much more to Ryan and his music than that. His set at The O2, supporting The Coronas, was a real treat.

We wrote an article about Ryan Sheridan a while ago, when he signed the deal with Universal Music Germany but his appearance at The O2 was the first time we saw him live.

The energy of his music filled The O2 from the first chords. Formerly a two-piece band, Ryan Sheridan and his percussionist Artur Graczyk performed at the O2 with Nicky Brennan, the guitarist that joined them at the beginning of 2012. If you saw these three musicians playing separately you couldn’t imagine seing them playing together, yet their styles blend together in an extremely interesting way.

Artur was on fire playing the drums wooden-box-and-cymbals-and-bongos. His hands must have been bleeding after such a performance. We even saw some kind of egg shaker taped to his shoes.  Ryan’s distinctive guitar strumming was as energetic as ever, while Nicky’s melodic guitar tied everything together nicely.

Ryan Sheridan has loads of fans and that was obvious at The O2 where he was more than just a supporting act. Can’t wait to see him headlining the O2 soon. We don’t know anything, but we just think he could sell-out such a large venue.

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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