Saint Raymond Interview


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Back in May 2013, Nottingham native Callum Burrows aka Saint Raymond released ‘Escapades’ an EP of brilliant guitar pop, and now he’s back with a brand new EP ‘Young Blood’ whereby his sound has improved somewhat. The title track alone is bound to be hit on the upcoming festival scene.

Fresh from his London show on Wednesday night, Dublin Concerts’ Leon Byrne caught up with Saint Raymond to chat about his music and the trials and tribulations of being a Notts County fan.

What two bands/acts are you currently listening to?

A band from Scotland called Prides who have a super electronic sound, and a crazy Norwegian band called High As A Kite. They’re both brilliant man.

After doing an Internet search on Saint Raymond I found that it’s also the name of an area in Quebec, Canada. Is this where you took your name?

No, it’s more of a personal choice for me as my Grandfathers was called Raymond. It’s cool to have a Saint in your name too . . . although I do know of the place in Canada too.

On tracks like ‘Young Blood’ you use some excellent guitar parts with a very catchy chorus line, very like Foals in a way. Would you agree and say that’s a fair assumption?

Ah cheers man, that’s super and yeah that definitely fair enough. Foals are a super band and amazing live too, always a dead cert on the festival scene.

You recently supported Haim on dates throughout the UK and also the recent Dublin date. How did all that go for you?

Ah man, that was class. Those girls are super. I just enquired about the support for the tour with them and they were so nice about it. They are the nicest girls you’ll ever meet, so welcoming and super accommodating . . . and Este Haim’s bass face, seriously she rocks it and just goes for it 100%. Actually the first time I played in Ireland was with Gabrielle Aplin about a year ago now . . . actually it’s pretty much a year ago to the very day. Next Friday night should be awesome.

I see that your name is on a few festival line ups through the UK this year. One of them, the Live in Leeds series has Dublin’s own Kodaline headlining at one of the venues. What’s your experience in playing festivals? Is it something you think your sound will suit?

Kodaline are really cool lads. I recently met them at Eurosonic in Groningen and they were wicked. I was over there catching a mate’s band called Amber Run. Festivals are definitely the way to go for me, man.

In January this year Jim Carroll, one of Ireland leading music journalists; who writes for the Irish Times, included you in his recent list of new music to check out. Did you hear about this? What do you think of all the praise that is currently floating around about Saint Raymond?

It’s been an amazing year or so, so to hear that it’s amazing. Sometime I’m just too busy with being on the road and all that sometimes I miss these things. I really want to be able to keep an eye on the ball, but it’s hard most of the time. That’s really nice to hear. It’s been super over the last while, I just can’t believe it.

Lastly Callum, as you’re from Nottingham I assume you’re a big footy fan? Are you a Forest man or a County man?

Ah man, of course, County all the way. The oldest club team in the world, man . . . although of late we’ve been off the boil, but hopefully things will pick up in the years to come. Don’t worry – we’ll be back. 

Saint Raymond plays The Academy 2, Dublin on Friday 4th April.

By Leon Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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