‘Scars’ – The Debut Single From Kevyn

'Scars' Kevyn

'Scars' Kevyn

Kevyn, a new indie-rock quartet hailing from Dublin, have unveiled their debut single ‘Scars’, a song both inspired by, and supportive of, struggles with mental illness.

Scars’ traverses the rocky terrain of mental health, dipping low and soaring high, vocally and sonically. The heart of the track is the wide-ranging vocal of lead singer Karla Chubb, who effortlessly flaunts an impressive range, her voice growing bold and triumphant as the tracks builds to a crescendo of crunching guitars, thunderous percussion and rousing harmonies. This emotional vocal is set against a backdrop of carefully considered indie-folk instrumentation, restrained in all the right places, winding toward the track’s peak, before suddenly bursting into life in the song’s final third.

The musical tone of ‘Scars’ is inextricably linked to its inspiration, rooted in mental health struggles and defiant in the face of depression. As well as tugging on the heartstrings of their listeners, Kevyn have made a tangible impact with the release of their debut single, raising €300 for Pieta House via ticket proceeds from the launch night in Whelan’s last month.


Shane Croghan

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