Serafina Steer and Pumajaw at Odessa – Review

serafina-steerAdrian Crowley’s The Curator’s Club at Odessa Presents Serafina Steer and Pumajaw.

A relaxed homely feel at Odessa, surrounded by sofas and wine glasses, the night eased into action on the opening night of Adrian Crowley’s The Curator’s Club with Serefina Steer standing front and centre. Folk harpist Steer, originally from the London, and her quirky writing style, had some eyebrows raised with some curious song titles such as Alien Invasion and Sexual Jealousy. The atmospheric lighting proved to be more of a hindrance than a help as Steer had a bit of a shaky start. But things soon got into flow and off the wall lyrics soon had the place chuckling (I’m going below/To take a look in the machine room/In my pointy shoes and my hard hat/I think “I can fix that”). Performing several songs from her most recent album which was produced by Jarvis Cocker, the Londoner moved from Harp to Keyboard to perform some more musically intricate songs before wrapping up her set.

Next up, Adrian Crowley made his appearance to announce the next act Pumajaw, describing how he had met the duo at a festival in Scotland and was delighted they accepted his invitation to play this evening. Pumajaw are a duo consisting of producer and former drummer of 80’s band Loop John Willis and the bluesy vocals of Pinkie Maclure. Covering a rare mixture of genres, their sound is often compared to Film Noir music for which they cover quite a lot. Maclure has a certain stage presence and her infectious voice draws you in, this alongside the audio visual display on the screen behind, really takes you away in that moment and takes you to the scene they are describing. Both Willis and Maclure are multi instrumentalists with Willis playing several on the night including guitar and keys while Maclure features heavily on concertina. They played songs from their previous album including the track Tallulah and covered Film Noir beautifully with title track to the 1954 Joan Crawford movie Johnny Guitar.

Overall a smooth relaxed night at Odessa with the venue setting the scene wonderfully for each act. Crowley no doubt on to a winner and long may The Curator’s Club continue at Odessa.

Review by Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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