Session Motts – Irish Band Of The Week

Session Motts - Irish Band Of The Week

Session Motts - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is the formidably titled Session Motts – arguably winning the award for most relevant Irish band name so far. Hailing from Dublin, this band have already began making waves with their equally enchantingly titled  single, ‘Chip Shop Fights’, this is a band that’s as talented as it is witty. Already receiving radio airtime from the likes of FM104 and NewsTalk, this year is already unfolding into a rather eventful one for the duo, comprised of Ingmar Kiang and Keeley Moss.

The band lists the likes of Blondie and Simple Minds as key influences and this can certainly be seen throughout their music with an undeniable 80s tinge to all their tracks, unashamedly buoyant with hints of modern-day synth, it’s both equal parts delightful and charming. Their sound has a sort of dreamy, ethereal undertone to it, the vocals are wispy and haunting but uplifting nonetheless and they manage to make good use of synth without it overwhelming the song. Rather, their sound harks back to a musical genre past but makes it relevant for the disillusioned music lovers of today. If you were hoping for the riotous quality of a chip shop fight then you’ve come to the wrong place, this taster track is far more delicate than the band’s name would ever suggest.

It’s early days for the fledgling Session Motts but ‘Chip Shop Fights’ is a perfectly satisfactory taste of what to expect from the band in the coming year, having promised us a debut album within the coming months. If the rest of their tracks are as balanced and well-measured as this one, they’re certainly on the right path. Until then, let their debut track ease you into your week.


Elaine McDonald

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