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Shane Filan - Olympia TheatreShane Filan played the first of his three headline dates at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin, tonight, March 11th.

When I arrived at the Olympia, the place was already packed with a crowd that was made up entirely of women (apart from a handful of husbands / boyfriends that were there for moral support) and the place was absolutely buzzing!
When one hears of a boy band member going solo you can’t help but compare them to their previous group. And when said member is from one of the most successful boy bands in history… You can’t help, but have high expectations!

Opening acts Glenn Cal and Ben Montague were perfectly selected for the gig. Cal, who had actually supported Westlife on tour before was an absolute treat. Unphased and comfortable up on stage, Cal’s short set was a great way to kick off the show. Next up was the Ben Montague who was definitely a crowd pleaser! His upbeat songs and cheeky stage presence really caught everyone’s attention, and you could tell that he definitely picked some new fans from the gig.

I was quite surprised by the opening Shane had; with sexy lights and a smoke screen, he made a dramatic entrance that had everyone on their feet. The set for the show was very well done also. There was a cowboy/wild-west bar theme that worked really well with his bands vibe. He opened the show with one of his solo singles ‘When I Met You’ and everyone was dancing along within seconds. Shane’s vocal ability really blew me away. Having never seen him live before, I was really surprised at just how good he was, it was hard to believe he had ever been anything but a solo act.

Shane played a good mix of old Westlife favorites and his own solo material with a few surprising covers. The infamous ‘Blurred lines” was the first cover and he pulled it off exceptionally well, having the absolute craic with the audience! After that he played the Avicii anthem ”Wake Me Up”, which along with his eclectic and infectious band which included a cello and a violin in the mix had everyone jumping along to the beat.

The final song ”You Raise Me Up” was quite an emotional ending, with everyone in the audience using their phones flashlights to create the ”lighter” effect, there were very few dry eyes in the house. Shane Filan’s opening night of his tour completely exceeding all my expectations. His presence on stage was effortless and having a show filled with so many well loved great songs had everyone singing every word back to him.

Review by Ruth McGovern

Photos by David Doyle


Tudor Marian

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