‘Silver Tongue’ – New Valley Wolves

'Silver Tongue' - New Valley Wolves

'Silver Tongue' - New Valley Wolves

Is your head feeling a little bit tender after last night’s activities? If so, then this isn’t for you because New Valley Wolves are back with the most unapologetically loud track to date. The boys’ claim is that they’re all about ‘straight up rock’ and it’s a promise they always follow through on. They’ve become a regular feature here on Dublin Concerts, having released some absolute tunes in quick succession. They’re making a name for themselves on the Irish music scene thanks to their ‘no fucks given’ attitude and their unwavering dedication to their craft.

What’s most admirable about the duo is that it’s very easy to fall into the trap of becoming stale when you’re so focused on producing a certain ‘style’ or sound. Yet every time they release a single it’s easy to claim it’s their best one to date. This is particularly true for ‘Silver Tongue’, a ferocious beast of a track that’s all teeth (read: it’s a head banger from the outset) and demonstrates just how many variants ‘straight up rock’ can have when it’s done right. There’s a sensual undertone to this song that slowly bubbles under the surface and it quickly becomes apparent that ‘Silver Tongue’ is so much more than a title. What the pair can do between them is always awe-inducing, they’re wondrously talented and each collaboration hammers this home.

‘Silver Tongue’ is constructed on the histories of classic hard rock and it’s something to worth noting that the band are bringing rock back in a big way. There’s a dynamic sense of frenzy to the track, the screech of guitar and Joyce’s flurry of drums mean that it is the matrimony of sheer raw energy and a cacophony of sound, relentless to the very last note.

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