Simonetti Project at The Button Factory – Review and Photos


Simonetti Horror Project at The Button Factory – Wednesday, August 14th

Quite a strange night in The Button Factory yesterday evening. Italian composer Claudio Simonetti performed many of the scores from horror films he and his band Goblin have written since the 1970’s. Most of the scores were written for movies directed by Italian horror specialist Dario Argento. At near full capacity Simonetti came to the stage just after 9pm accompanied by guitarist Bruno Previtali and drummer Titta Tani.

Simonetti kicked off the night with a medley of songs from multiple movies including the 1985 movie ‘Demons’. What followed received rapturous applause from the crowd with 2 tracks from the score of the John Carpenter favourite ‘Halloween’ (1978).

Most of the songs on the night were accompanied by matching video on a big screen behind the stage, in a trailer like form so you get the feel of each movie. The night began to build up further with dry ice and more from the scores of Argento movies including ‘Inferno’ (1980), ‘Opera’ (1987) and the creepiest song on the night ‘Tenebrae’(1982).

As a horror fan myself I was pleased to hear the following 2 tracks from the 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead (Zombi) including Zaratozom. Claudio’s father Enrico was also a famous composer and wrote the theme song to a 70’s television series named ‘Gamma’ for which he asked everyone hush and listen to.

The set closed out with more Goblin soundtrack hits from the movies ‘Phenomena’ (1985) and ‘Suspiria’ (1977). They arrived back on stage with an encore which lasted about 10 minutes of several melodies including ‘The Addams Family’ and Van Halen’s ‘Jump’.

A bit of a crazy night indeed and what an original idea. See more on the official website.

Review by Pat Byrne

Photos by Chris Charousset



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