Sleep Thieves ‘You Want The Night’ album – Review


sleep-thieves-you-want-the-nightDublin based trio Sleep Thieves have just released their second album ‘You want the night.’ This follows on from their debut EP ‘Islands’.

The ten track album opens with ‘City of Hearts’. The female vocals are immediately reminiscent of Ellie Goulding and are accompanied by a soft, futuristic, rhythmic background dripping with melodic synth. The pitch is quite high at the chorus but the opening number is easy listening with some really lovely moments and a great build up near the end.

The following track ‘Sparks’ is more up tempo and has a very 80s sound before the vocals come in to bring a more contemporary twist to it. Cow-bell like alarm noises are just one of the collection of sounds that swoop in close on the heels of the vocal. One could definitely imagine dancing to ‘Sparks’ in somewhere like Dublin’s ‘The Workman’s Club.

The title track ‘You Want The Night’ definitely brings some 80s vibes as well and continues to establish the soft synth sound that fills the head easily without overloading the listener. There is an addition of some synthed-up male vocals to this track which give the song some nice moments of contrast. However, despite being the title track, ‘Sparks’ definitely noses ahead of it as the stand out track of the album.

Some more abstract moments come in ‘Ocean’ which has a powerful surge mid-track that gives it a lot of energy. Sleep Thieves also incorporate a slightly more glam-rock sound in understated track ‘French Kiss’ which is dominated by a swaying rhythm and siren-like vocal melodies. ‘Ishimura’ has a slightly different vibe to it with futuristic sounds that make it sound like the soundtrack to a slow-motion robotic chase.

‘Through a Sea’ is another highlight of the album. It begins with almost no music, just echoey vocals but forms a slow musical story and builds gently but ominously like waves of sound lapping closer and closer. It climaxes in a techno-y section with a quick beat and a swell of vocals and percussive sounds.

The final track (excluding bonus track ‘Casiotune Lover’) is one of the most enjoyable tracks of a good album. It finishes the album nicely with a gentle opening leading into seductive vocals and a strong steady beat that tells you to bob your head to the rhythm.

Overall ‘You Want The Night’ is a melodic album with some powerful energetic moments but a generally mellow vibe. The music is a little dark and moody in places but maintains a mesmerising tone throughout. The 80s vibes give it a bit of flavour but Sleep Thieves have a gentle, modern melodic sound that is very easy on the ears and despite having a consistent sound throughout does not get boring when listened to as a whole album.

The album was released June 17th 2014.

Review by Kat Clinch


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