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SlowPlaceLikeHome Romola

SlowPlaceLikeHome Romola

Over the years SlowPlaceLikeHome has been building a strong catalogue of soul enriching electronic sounds and at the end of October, the band will release a re-recording of their debut album Romola. Critics and music bloggers alike have been flagging the act’s rise on the Irish music scene, yet SlowPlaceLikeHome remains low key up in the wilds of Donegal.

Romola opens with ‘Our Rules’ layering subtly from natural into supernatural, smoky vocals oozing from its pores. ‘She Comes in Colour Stereo’ is infused with 80s new wave and dance-rock similar to New Order, while ‘Romola (Part 1 and 2)’ and ‘Set Fire to the Stars’ both drip with beautiful, surreal synth melodies.

Although SlowPlaceLikeHome uses a wide array of rock musical instruments, ‘Autumns Children’ takes a classical direction with ‘Perfumed (with Life’s Imperfections)’ exploring a deeper, new wave pace. ‘Luna’ is a reflective lull on the album, but ‘Dear Diary’ returns things to form.

Drawing the album to a close, ‘Proserpina’ is a treat for the senses. It is hard to imagine the country fields or the wild Atlantic around Donegal, when the album evokes visuals of peachy sunsets and calm, glistening oceans. An impressive, stunning album.

Romola will launch digitally on 27 October 2015 through SlowPlaceLikeHome’s bandcamp page, with a live performance on BBC Northern Ireland just under the act’s belt, don’t miss an opportunity to see them live.

SlowPlaceLikeHome play at Interlude festival at RHA this weekend.

Words by Aine Byrne


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