Snoop Dogg at The Academy – Review and Photos

Snoop Dogg - Academy Dublin

Snoop Dogg - Academy DublinSnoop D O double G hit up The Academy last night for his first of two gigs in the Academy. Being the international superstar that he is, I was quite surprised that he wasn’t playing the 02, but The Academy was the perfect location as the gig was more intimate and everyone had a great view of the rap legend.

Snoop handpicked hip-hop collaborative producer MynameisjOhn and Shannon based rapper God Knows to open both of his Dublin shows.

Featuring hits from their first joint album ‘Rusangano / Family’, the energetic set got everyone up and moving. God Knows’ speed and excellent diction are something to marvel at and there were some fantastic techniques being executed by MynameisjOhn on the decks. Their track ‘Standard’ from ‘Rusangano / Family’ is an absolute hit and showcases their self described: ‘Zimbabwean Christian and an Irish pagan sit down with a pot of tea’ style. The duo are certainly game-changers, and this new project is an exciting one for Irish Hip-Hop.

After Snoop’s crew were settled, the eagerly awaiting crowd were revved up with a countdown projected on stage. Snoop Lion came out to deafening screams clothed in jeans, sunglasses, chains and a blinging gold diamond-studded mic; looking flashy as usual. The cool, calm and collected rap veteran greeted the crowd with his ultra smooth and mellow tone identical to his rap style. The live set-up included a DJ, two synths, drums, a singer/backup along with the main man himself. Positions of the stations were interesting and very inclusive, making every member of the team quite visible and involved in the show.

One forgets just how many hits snoop has, with every next song giving us the ‘Ohh yeah, I totally forgot/LOVE this one’ feeling. Not only did he play his solo music but he also had snippets from his feature songs like ‘Wiggle’ (which he did a hilarious dance to), ‘California Girls’, ‘PIMP’ etc… which had the Academy ‘Dropping it like its hot’ (excuse the pun). Snoop then took a turn for the old-school and started off his trip down musical memory lane with ‘Lodi Dodi’ then went on to favorites that made him a household name like ‘Gin and Juice’ and ‘Whats My Name’.

There were also a number of great covers like House of Pains ‘Jump Around’ and a surprising Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ which was pulled off brilliantly. Emotional dedications were also made to Biggy Smalls and 2Pac with Snoop making the crowd chant ”we love you, we miss you”… honouring his musical peers that aren’t with us today. Promising to come back whenever we wanted him (and I think calling us part of the UK (awkward silence), Snoop bid farewell with Young, Wild and Free and a cover of Bob Marley’s Jammin’. With subtle hints of marijuana smoke lingering around The Academy, all left in a happy upbeat mood, satisfied from the always consistent, and ever so cool Snoop.

Review by Ruth McGovern
Photos by Anamaria Meiu


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