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Soak Blud

From the very first line it hits us that ‘Blud’ is a sincere song of genuine human emotion. We hear an adolescent soul that has encountered pain. This hurt, although saddening, has led to a power to express in the most awe-inspiring of ways. We are hit hard by lines like “quit your employment, we can work without it – if it means you will not suffer”. This particular lyric, sung in such honeyed range, washes over us with a wave of refreshing naivety. Verses peak with the serene and splendidly tuned line “Let’s just forget”. This relatable track is one that audiences will undoubtedly choir along to. In addition, the sweet and youthful voice of this Derry musician makes every lyric particularly engrossing.

The video works perfectly alongside, depicting a variety of human relationships and exhibiting the wonderful nature of these relationships. Matched with the tune, it shows a real beauty derived from pain. There’s a great glory in the interactions, a love that radiates – whether it is Soak stroking her beloved pet, audience members displaying a connection to the musician or friends standing united in forestry. Overall, this video is a collection of moments. ‘Blud’, in both video and audio, speaks mountains about life, love and relationships. Personalized and poetic, as well as artfully shot, it exudes the genius artistry possessed by the soaring musician that is Soak.

Review by Shannon Welby


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