Song of the week: Atalanta by Boy Lights Fire

We’re back with a new tune for our song of the week section.

This week’s coice comes from Boy Lights Fire, a three-piece band currently based in Dublin. We saw them supporting White McKnezie at The Academy 2 a while ago, but didn’t forget their music, especially one particular tune. Atalanta is our choice for this edition of the Song Of The Week.

In the words of George, the lead singer, Atalanta is about that scenario when multiple attachments can fall apart in a person’s life, and how life can make a mockery of one’s plans towards happiness or a sense of security.

“A song about the ultimate human struggle for survival and the state of mind that death or loss develops. Vanessa Atalanta is the latin for the red admiral butterfly which were a constant presence at the time of writing the song. Looking further into the life of the creature, I found some strange parallels between their life-span and some of the spiritual connotations, which felt connected to some personal experiences at the time.”

A deep and almost philosophical story behing a brilliant song, carefully arranged by Boy Lights Fire.

Update: In a bizarre coincidence, the article about Atalanta, though planned for some time, was published on the same day that the band announced they will no longer play together. Hopefully, the talented lads will not abandon music and we get to enjoy their music again.


Lucy Ivan

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