Status Quo at Live At The Marquee – Review

Status Quo Live At The Marquee Review

Status Quo Live At The Marquee Review

Live At The Marquee is a venue that hosts some of the world’s best musical talents every year, with ZZ Top being just one band to play this summer. One of the act is rock veterans Status Quo, who have been known to play all over Ireland while touring, and not just in the usual places like Belfast and Dublin. They’re not the only non-Irish present, with numerous foreign accents bouncing around, proving that they have a very dedicated and strong following. So did Status Quo make it worth the travel from near and far?

The stars are scheduled to take to the stage at eight, but instead come on at a later time of quarter to nine. Regardless of this delay, they take to the stage kicking with the set’s opener ‘Caroline’. From the word go, people are moving and doing what the music tells them to, with this energy not ceasing the entire night. It’s evident that Status Quo is good at what they do: they don’t waste their time with small-talk; they get their audience pumped and play through their setlist, including ‘Paper Plane’, ‘Down Down’, ‘In the Army Now’, ‘Whatever You Want’ and a fantastic medley of some of their greatest hits including ‘What You’re Proposing’ and ‘Again and Again’. Although frontman Francis Rossi is the only one who speaks to the crowd properly, the entire band seem very laid back, down-to-earth and know exactly what they want from their performance, as well as what everyone in the Marquee wants from their performance. Something interesting about the performance (apart from the music, of course), is the age dynamic present. Fathers arrive with their children as young as eight or nine years old, while other fathers arrive with their own fathers! Between the crazy sing-a-longs and massive hits, there was a massively impressive drum solo from Cave, canes being waved about and air guitar and head-banging circles. The Quo finish the show with probably their biggest hit ‘Rockin’ All over the World’, before returning to the stage for an encore.

This performance ticked all the boxes: fun, energetic and zealous, all things a rock show should be. The crowd present are a testament to rock ‘n’ roll not being dead, but is evidently very much alive and looking for a fight. For those who didn’t make the journey to Cork because it was too far away, you missed a fantastic night of rock ‘n’ roll energy in its purest form; most definitely worth the travel.

Review by Shauna Collins


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