Stomptown Brass – Irish Band of the Week

Stomptown Brass Irish band of the Week

Sometimes we bring you duos, sometimes we bring you trios, we’ve even brought you bands with seven members but today, good readers, we bring you a band with nine members. Yes, NINE members. They had the potential for a football team but instead chose to form the band known as Stomptown Brass, and, boy, are they a treat. Combining fresh urban undertones with the classic New Orleans tradition of street-stomping horn players, this wonderful combination of musicians have spent the last few months bringing Dublin pedestrians to an absolute halt, jaws hanging a gape as they watch a combination of trombone, saxophone, drums, and a tuba, all culminate in a wonderfully infectious sound turn the dreary city life into a feast for the eyes and ears alike.

Stomptown Brass Irish band of the Week

Focusing on a range material by their wonderful trombonist, James O’Leary, the boys focus on recreating the classic sound of a brass band and mingling it with elements of their own musical interests which are far-reaching and diverse to say the least, naming Outkast and Brendan Behan on the same list of musical interests.

The boys were fortunate enough to play Indiependece in Mitchelstown Co. Cork this weekend gone, lining up alongside Basement Jaxx, The Dandy Warhols, and even our very own Kodaline. Having been asked to play in such prestigious company, it’s obvious that the boys’ unique musical twists have already caught the eye of festival organisers and music fans alike.

Due to the fact that their music is focused solely on their instruments as opposed to songwriting or lyrics, the boys have truly invested themselves in their style of music and, my goodness, does it work for them. To describe it as a party on stage would be an understatement, it’s a Mardi Gras come to life on stage. If you want a taster of just how brilliant these nine talented artists are, then check out their track, ‘Guji’.

By Elaine McDonald


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