Strange Boats “Gnome” – Album Review


Strange Boats’ album Gnome is full of fun, surprises, quirky track titles and a sound that can’t be pinned down. If you’re looking for the album to get you through winter this medley of smooth tunes might just be it.

The album opens with a light-hearted, bouncy sound. It sounds like summer, it sounds like a cosy evening with friends, it sounds running around the streets having a laugh.

The whole album, for the most part, keeps this sense of fun, energy and an indefinable bubbliness that makes you want to dance around, have a laugh and sing along! Many of the tracks have an almost gig like sound with the jamming instruments and hand-clap beats and all the tracks make you want to sway and bob your head around.

The third track ‘My Baby’ has a slower but not quite melancholy vibe, adding a bit variation, without taking away from their overall sound. The 4th track ‘Teenage Love Convention’, like ‘My Baby’, has a very old school edge making you think at times of a Grease era prom band (in the best possible way). ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is another track which varies the sound a little with a rapid drumbeat and energetic chant-like lyrics that make it a kind of anthem and the gritty sound of ‘Nice to be Alone’ adds another side to the eclectic style.

This is the kind of alum that you could stick on your iPod and listen to in any mood. If you’re mopey it’ll perk you up without feeling forced, and if you’re feeling cheery it’ll accentuate that and get you buzzing for good times. There is pleasant balance of mellow tracks like ‘Tall Street Light’ and higher energy numbers like ‘Slow Burner’ that make it easy to listen to the album in order. The tracks work well together and not just individually. The album kicks off with energy and ends with a gentler lullaby to ease you out with plenty of changes of energy throughout.

A great album to keep that summer feeling going as we ease into autumn and something to play while walking the windy streets as we progress towards winter!

The album will be released on iTunes and all usual online outlets from September 6th. Follow Strange Boats on Twitter and Facebook.

Review by Kat Clinch


Lucy Ivan

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