Strange Boats release debut EP

Strange BoatsThe four lads from Tuam that impressed us at Ones To Watch festival in January are back in the spotlight with the release of their debut EP titled “Nice To Be Alone”.

The EP is a three-track release that includes the same tasteful indie compositions that we expected from the holders of the Best Pop/Alternative Act award received at the MRU Awards. “Nice To Be Alone”, the track that names the EP, is a strong display of alternative rock with a slightly aggressive yet pleasant sound. The track is followed by “Slow Burner”, another energetic and contagious piece that shows a different, more melodic, side of the Strange Boats. “Teenage Love Convention” is probably our favourite track of the EP. It’s a carefully arranged tune that you simply cannot get out of your head. It has nice guitar parts and slower segments that are alternated in a very natural way. We also liked how nice the backing vocals sound on this track.

The bad news is that it only has three tracks. The good news is that this EP is just a sample of what Strange Boats are working on. “Gnome”, their forthcoming debut studio album, is expected to be released this summer. That’s something to really be exited about.

Listen to the EP and download the tracks from the band’s Soundcloud account.


Lucy Ivan

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