Tandem Felix at KnockanStockan 2013 – Review & Photos

tandem-felix-knockanstockan-2013-32Tandem Felix – KnockanStockan – July 28th, 2013

Tandem Felix took the stage of the circus-style Dimestore tent for its last set of KnockanStockan 2013. An intriguing and alternative music act, Tandem Felix really fitted in to the diverse range of bands that KnockanStockan had to offer. As the lights pulsed to the beat and the singer’s lilting voice filled the tent there was an instant mellow and almost psychedelic feel to the air. The intensity and energy of the songs built throughout the entire set and people waded their way through the crowd to push themselves against the barrier in front of the band. The singer’s emotion filled and lingering voice was a superb contrast to the electro alternative feel of the music paired with short excerpts of intense instrumental passages. As the set came to an end and the boys said their goodbyes there was an audible grumble in the air as the bubble of mellowness was popped and the festival goers dragged their feet while leaving the tent. A band that intrigues and encapsulates its listeners, KnockanStockan 2013 certainly did leave one of the best acts to last with Tandem Felix.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by Tudor Marian

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Tudor Marian

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