Tandem Felix – Irish Band Of The Week

Tandem Felix - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Tandem Felix, which roughly translates from the Latin for ‘happy at last’. Yet, the boys exist almost in direct opposition to their name, there’s a morose quality to their sound; a snarling element resides in their music. Yet, this isn’t a sort of dramatically moody act for them, their perfect sound seems to exist between heartache and disdainful annoyance. Curiously, Tandem Felix are actually firm friends with Girl Band, but, as they say, opposites attract with Tandem Felix a parallel opposite, focused on a melancholia and strikingly sombre sounds. The band have drawn comparisons between themselves and Wilco, Neil Young in his prime, and the slightest tinges of R.E.M. Thier sound jars a little with what’s emerging and prevalent on the Irish music scene but that doesn’t stop Tandem Felix from producing what feels right for them.

If you’re a fan of pared back stylings with a more cool undertone, then Tandem Felix are for you, almost in line with the Americana mannerisms of a musical period long passed, the band were somewhat unknown until the resurrecting element of their second EP, Comma, which saw the combination of electronica, screeches of guitar, along with the band’s idiosyncratic intimate lyricisms. Tapley’s voice is filled with emotional unease and it earmarks this album as something full of both tenderness and poorly cloaked pain; the two seem intrinsically linked in this EP. Tracks like ‘Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough’ are naturally heavy with anguish and remorse, and the band demonstrate songwriting skills beyond their years with this EP.

Just last week the band finished up the Other Voices trail in Dingle, accompanying some of the most brilliant and upcoming Irish acts at the moment. Arguably, it’s the perfect finale to their 2015, one can only assume that they’ll go from strength to strength in 2016.


Elaine McDonald

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