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Tell No Fox Irish Band of the Week

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Tell No Fox Irish Band of the Week

Down-tempo, Electro-Alt, it doesn’t matter what you want to call it. Not since the likes of Air and Zero 7 have we come across such a genuine star in the making for this genre. This week’s Dublin Concerts Irish Band of the Week is none other than Tell No Foxx.

With the new release ‘Dust’ hitting the airwaves, Tell No Foxx have upped their game from their previous outings. This is by no means a slant on anything they have produced previously but a compliment in how they have approached the process this time around.

Telling us a love story gone bad, ‘Dust’ is so captivating, so much so, we kept it on repeat here. The melancholic vocals, the faint heart beat bass mimicking your own pulse, the feeling it overtakes as you get sucked into its deep layers.

It’s been a big step forward from their debut EP last July to this, but the Wicklow lads have hit the nail on the head here. With a rake of gigs in recent months and some big ones to come including Vantastival the first week of May, you will definitely be hearing more of this band.

Find out more about Tell No Foxx on Facebook and Twitter.

By Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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