The 1975 at the Olympia Theatre – Review & Photos

The 1975 - Olympia Theatre - Review, Photos

The 1975 at the Olympia Theatre – February 21st

Matthew Healy’s signature lax Mohican, barely visible through a barrage of smoke, was enough to warrant rapturous applause and ear-splitting screams from the attendees of their one night only Olympia Theatre gig. Entirely sold out, the internet was awash with ticketless fans pleading for spare tickets and attempting to convince the Olympia Theatre staff to sneak them in.

Silhouetted against their trademark neon rectangle, the stage’s only adornment, The 1975 kicked off their set with their second single “The City”, the first of many catchy, scream-worthy tunes they’d churn out tonight. Swigging wine from the bottle, an act most of the crowd are too young to legally do themselves, Matty Healy played to an audience that hung on his every word. Climbing over the stage to reach out to those in the boxes, waving to his crowd throughout songs and taking brief pauses to murmur hellos, it was hard not to become slightly infatuated with the charming young fellow.

The 1975 - Olympia Theatre - Review, PhotosThere’s something incredibly alluring about this Mancunian indie pop foursome and it’s not just the catalog of striking, anthemic tracks that they possess. It’s a certain kind of charisma and just how humbled they seem to be to be playing to a crowd like this, even after a decade of being together. A decade has led to their unwavering identity, flawless musical cohesion and an ability to use a stage as vast as that of the Olympia Theatre and own it. Not many bands can boast the brotherhood kind of connection and it works in The 1975’s favour.

The smoke machine infused, strobe lit gig filled with prepubescent girls proved itself to a night worth attending, regardless of your boyband-esque fantasies or lack thereof. Leaving, I found myself questioning why a band with such talent, musical catalog and magnetism had been overlooked for the Brit Awards but there’s hope for 2015 and the future of this unrelenting foursome.

Review and photos by Laur Ryan


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