The #1s at Whelan’s (review & photos)

the-no-1s-whelans-10The #1s supported Veronica Falls in Whelan’s on Thursday, April 18th with a playful set that lasted just over the half-hour.

The budding Dublin Pop-punk four-piece have, as well as a strange simpatico of Jackie Charlton’s Irish Italia ’90 squad, a catalogue of cheerful and nostalgic tunes, and their sound really came alive around ten minutes into the set, when the levels were satisfied and the basslines were allowed to lead. This cemented the conventional Rancid-like flow of the songs, combined with something more than a bit inventive, particularly for a band so (as of yet) unestablished.

The inventiveness is found in the structure of the tunes themselves, as well as the drum-patterns and vocal lines which are somehow reminiscent of The Beach Boys, which is always a great thing. Forgoing usual crowd-directed banter, the four lads sometimes betrayed their uncertainty with exchanges between themselves; though otherwise impulsively charismatic on stage, their presence requires a certain mettle to tie the performance together more completely. Their unbuttoned style is pleasing and complementary of the songs, definitely a plus for this group. Check them out on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

Review by Luke Etherton

Photos by Lukasz Skital


Lucy Ivan

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