The Bambir @ Jack of Diamonds (photos)

The Bambir played Sweeney’s top floor on Friday night, as a wrap-up for the first day of Jack of Diamonds Festival. This was not our first Bambir show. We’ve met The Bambir in Whelan’s a few weeks ago and since then we were eager to catch another one of their gigs.  See our previous post about them if you want to find out more about them.

Sweeneys Bar was full at 2 AM and people were having a good time. The Bambir were even more full of energy than the first time we saw them even though it was their second or third gig of the day. They were definitely a good choice for the closing act of the first day.

If you want to catch them live, you can go to Whelan’s on the 23rd (with Gypsey Rebel Rabble and Red Sail) and 24th, at Belly Bang Festival on the 25th and at Electric Picnic (3 stages).

Photos from their set in Sweeneys:

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Lucy Ivan

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