The Boomtown Rats at Vicar Street – Review and Photos


the-boomtown-rats-vicar-streetThe Boomtown Rats at Vicar Street, October 13th 2013

According to Bob, it was the suit that started it. That silvery fake snakeskin twitching in the closet. The shimmer whispered. He couldn’t resist. Even though it stank of twenty seven years of filth and crust. He rang up his old bandmates and suggested reforming for a few gigs, you know just so he could wear the suit. And here we are. Watching the Boomtown Rats. And the suit. And its SO Graham Norton. But Bob, resplendent with his silver mop top, lithe limbs and sequin shirt rocks it. The Boomtown boys are back.

A vintage retro crowd of doc martens, bomber jackets, punk piercings, Mohicans and SKA badges give it socks for the boys. Two rockin’ brothers bouncing away beside me shout about the thirty years they’ve waited for this night. And the Boomtown Rocket launches with “I Never Loved Eva Braun”. Followed by the Tick Tock song “Clockwork“ a second hit from the 1998 “A Tonic For The Troops” album. “Do You In“ saw Bob with the mouth organ and a raw punked up bass line hiding a bit of rockabilly. A musical play off ensued between the lead guitar and the mouth organ musicians. Bluegrass flavours hit the end with Bob murmuring “When the night is full of voodoo… she’s gonna do you in.”

There was talk of more attire when Pete Briquette (stage name for the bass player Patrick Cusack) got noticed for his gold and black shiny shirt. “It was handed down from Brendan Boyer to Dicky Rock“ Bob commented hailing Pete as “grandfather of The Strypes“. Both Pete and The Strypes are from Cavan. Using the next tune as a platform for comment Bob was on the money with his observations on Facebook and Google pretending to be your friends. “Someone’s Looking at You“ “There’s always someone looking at ya“ he belted out, over kinksy keyboards perking it up.

He swaggered on through the hits. “Banana Republic“ got a few laughs when Bob told us that it was number one in Germany because the Germans thought it was about them. But then the Germans think everything is about them. The unofficial Irish anthem he called it. “She’s So Modern” rock and popped up raw riffs and ska led vocals wrapped it nicely leading into the next diamond.

The moment came for “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays”. A timeless, momentous delivery of this classic. Delivered like it was only written yesterday. Note perfect with a dramatic dead eye sadness. The vintage retro’s were respectfully shocked and awed. Singing it back from the bottom of their souls. Magic!

A selection of fan favourites followed with “Me and Howard Hughes“, “Mary of The Fourth Form“, “No. 1” and the famous “Rat Trap”. An encore with “Never Bite” looked like the end. But it must have been buy one get one free because they trooped out again for one last blast. “Diamond Smiles” with “ Dale Carnegie gone wild“ sent everyone home happy.

Review by Ciara Sheahan

Photos by David Doyle


Lucy Ivan

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