The Boxer Rebellion at Whelan’s – Review and Photos

The Boxer Rebellion - Whelans

The Boxer Rebellion - WhelansThe Boxer Rebellion played Whelan’s on the 10th of February.

A few days before The Boxer Rebellion were due to play the main stage at Whelan’s I sat down and listened to a bunch of their songs to get a feel of what I was in for, the only song I was familiar with beforehand was their song ‘Diamonds’.

On a very cold night in Dublin City, Whelan’s began to fill up fast as fans began to flock in to get a good spot in front of the stage. For such a big band I was surprised when they announced that they would play Whelan’s, but as I stood on the venue floor, I began to see why so many bands including The Boxer Rebellion choose to play there and my reason being that it is such an intimate venue that it gives off such a phenomenal atmosphere when bands perform live in front of their adoring fans.

Just before half nine The Boxer Rebellion took to the stage where they opened the night with ‘The Runner’, a very punky and powerful song as lead singer Nathan sings with a sort of soulful voice which included some heavy percussion from drummer Piers Hewitt.

Nathan commanded the stage like no other and it was an absolute treat to listen to his breathtaking and flawless vocals in which he brings so much emotion into each song.

Armed with a plethora of songs to be performed on the night such as, ‘New York’, ‘Low’, ‘Keep Moving’, ‘Fragile’ and ‘We Have This Place Surrounded’.

‘Keep Moving’ is a real uplifting track that just makes you smile, Nathan’s vocals again are immense hitting every note with wonderful melodies throughout. ‘Fragile’ gets a great cheer from the crowd as they burst into dance bopping to every beat, it is a track which includes various synths and keeps the attention of the tightly squeezed audience who are pumped and ready for more.

‘Diamonds’ starting from the offset with punchy percussion gets another huge applause and roar from the fans. With its beautiful guitar riffs blending wonderfully with percussion and vocals makes it a gem of a song that the fans love and adore with some going into a frenzy of uncontrollable dancing and head bopping.

If you haven’t been to see them yet, I highly recommend that you do. The Boxer Rebellion will not disappoint.

Photos and Review by Ian Blount


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