The Burma – Irish Band Of The Week

The Burma - Irish Band Of The Week

The Burma - Irish Band Of The Week

The Burma is comprised of five extremely talented musicians hailing from the minute island of Cobh, Co. Cork. Their sound is a wonderful combination of pop-driven beats but with a little more rhythm and groove to help give their sound a little fire and kick. The bouncy basslines infused into their songs give each track a subtle yet noticeable energy, coupled with the intricately-weaved guitars, this music has a lot more stock to it than one initially perceives. The lyrics are emotive and full of meaning but they never become bogged down as a result, rather they’re open to interpretation or mindlessly chanting along to – the choice is yours. A cursory listen to their latest musical offering, ‘Love Fades’ will tell you all you need to know. The Burma have obviously spent a lot of time cultivating their sound, it’s the perfect combination of upbeat pop-delirium and carefully cultivated harmonies – these boys really understand their craft, always adding in an occasional romantic undertone for good measure.

Get listening now.


Elaine McDonald

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