The Chapters at Odessa – Photos and Review

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The Chapters played Odessa on the 29th of August with support from Ultan Conlon.

Ultan Conlon ended his single tour at the Odessa club and what other way to end a tour is to play a beautiful set to a very relaxed but attentive audience. Armed with just his guitar, Ultan filled every inch of the room with his amazing vocals and wonderfully written songs. He then goes on to talk about how he found a guy on Youtube who had posted videos of his family which were filmed using a super 8 camera, Ultan informs us that he used some of this footage as the music video for the song “Lonely Avenues” and It’s worth checking out.

As the night went on more and more people arrived through the doors of the Odessa club to see the main act and they done so just in time. The Chapters walked on stage beaming with confidence and smiles. Arriving as a six piece you could tell that they all get on extremely well, laughing at joking at each other between songs. With two albums already under their belt and with the flawless vocals from Ross McNally The Chapters are headed in the right direction in honing their talents and unleashing some beautifully heartwarming songs, all to the pleasure of the listener.

The Chapters are an absolute pleasure to listen to and command the stage like no other drawing the audience in with every note and lyric sung. With each song the listener escapes the world in which they live and enter a new world in which the song is sung. Songs performed with harmonicas to violins to guitars leaves us only wanting more as each one is irresistibly catchy and the harmonies between Ross and Aoife are something to be remembered and cherished as they sing each one flawlessly.

The Chapters are in no doubt destined for great and bigger things and if they keep on producing and performing the way that they are, they are bound for a very bright future and their name is one to remember.

Review and photos by Ian Blount



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