The City Apples – ‘Mother’ – EP Review

The City Apples

Alternative rock band from Dublin, The City Apples’s latest EP ‘Mother’ is a good indication of what the band have to offer. It has four catchy, enjoyable songs – even if it is slightly underwhelming at times. ‘Flowers In The Rain’ is one of the more exciting tracks on the EP, it is upbeat, catchy, has a sing-along chorus, and is accompanied by nice instrumental. Unfortunately, the word ‘nice’ can describe the EP. It is good, but it lacks a certain flair. It doesn’t seem like an EP one will get super passionate about. Although there is definitely a lot of potential, it feels like they’re holding back at times.

Whilst listening to the four piece, it is hard not to draw similarities to countless other bands in the genre, The City Apples are not offering anything groundbreaking. That being said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. At the end of the day, the EP is an enjoyable listen – the band show talent, a love for music, and even if they sound similar to other bands, vocalist James Mccabe’s unique voice gives the band the edge that they need.

‘Clones’ is definitely a stand out song as it shows the potential of the band, taking on a slightly serious theme about modern culture and perception of beauty and individuality. As well as taking an important issue and discussing it, the whole song is musically impressive as well.

‘Mother’ is the band’s second EP, and they have already improved immensely since the debut – they are starting to sound more and more like their own band and even though they might still need a little extra ‘something’, there is definitely a feeling that they will figure out their own sound in the near future. The EP ends on a high, leaving the listener excited to see the full capability of the band.

Review by Orla Conway


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