The Coronas at The O2 (photos)

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Last night The O2 hosted one of the best gigs we’ve been to this year. The Coronas had a brilliant performance in front of thousand of excited fans.

As Danny admitted last night, headlining The O2 seemed a very ambitious commitment almost a year ago, when the band started planning their appearance in the most important venue in Ireland. Since then, The Coronas have toured extensively all over Europe, increased their fan base and established themselves as venue fillers. It turned out that  the O2 show was, in fact, the right thing to do. The fantastic crowd that filled The O2 should be enough to prove just how loved this lads are.

The impeccably played great songs were something people expected but what they didn’t expect was the whole production that included two brilliant guests (Ryan Sheridan and Roisin O), giant balloons, the band’s stage appearance and all the other ingredients that made the night such a success. A huge white curtain blocked the crowd’s view of the stage as it was being prepared for the gig. The band appeared as shadows on the giant curtain for the first song and only after a few minutes the audience could finally see The Coronas when the curtain was dropped in an explosion of sound and light. Visibly overwhelmed by the thousands of screaming fans that sang along to each tune and the atmosphere, the Coronas gave it their all and made their music sound even better. All their hits were performed last night, including Closer To You which was left for the encore. The set ended with a song performed by the band, together with Ryan Sheridan and Roisin O’Reilly (Danny’s sister, lead singer of the Dublin band Roisin O).

The gig at The O2 was a great way for The Coronas to end a successful year with many gigs, festival appearances, and a very well-received UK release of their 2011 album Closer To You. They’ll play the INEC in Killarney on December 28th, so you have one more chance to catch them if you missed last night’s show (or if you enjoyed it so much that you want more).

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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