The Dead Heavys – ‘Liquidator’ – Review

The Dead Heavys Liquidator

The Dead Heavys Liquidator

Somewhere between bands that attempt to hark back to classic rock days, and hipster bands that simply try too hard to be unique there’s a very slim line that manages to balance both aspirations but in a fantastic and effective manner. The Dead Heavys perfectly toe this line with their new track ‘Liquidator’. Since bursting on to the Irish music scene almost three years ago, that gang have been busy creating some delicious musical offerings and touring Ireland. Most notably, their track record boasts a fantastic Saturday night performance at Electric Picnic and their international debut at Croatia’s INmusic Festival alongside The Arctic Monkeys & Basement Jaxx. With all this experience and famous shoulder rubbing under their belts, you’d expect them to be able to produce some instant hits, and they do just that.

Since their independent release of debut single ‘Everybody In The Nite’, which received a Midas touch from Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream / Kasabian), the track has proceeded to climb the Irish top fifty and received some impressive hat-tips, including John Robb (The Guardian/LTW). In fact, it was Robb who astutely labelled them as a band that “could easily grab the attention of a stadium full of fans or the charts”. So what sort of offering could we expect when there was such anticipation in the aftermath of ‘Everybody in The Nite’? Well ‘Liquidator’ emerged as the perfect follow up. A foot-tapping combination of indie folk, imbued with more classical rock elements, this is quite a catchy little track and certainly whets my appetite of more of the same from the band. The rustic, unpolished vocals make it such an enticing listen, and the slight echo in the chorus just makes it an instantly addictive listen. It’s a track that you’ve memorised after two listens or so, the easy-going flow of the lyrics means it almost takes up residence in the back of your mind, and you’ll find yourself humming it at random intervals throughout the day. The soulful backing-vocals, coupled with the infectious guitar riff, give it a sort of fist-pumping quality, making, what I imagine, the perfect closing anthem at one of their live performances.

As for the accompanying music video? It was my mistake to watch it whilst on a sugar-rush from overindulging in Easter eggs. The video is a trippy slice of randomness and works so perfectly with ‘Liquidator’, you won’t be able to help yourself and watch it a few more times. In a sort of cool, unconcerned manner, it never tries to push the band as a product in your face but rather seeks to fall in line with the song it promotes; it holds the artsy charm that the track already emits in its own right. Impressive to say the least, so give it a watch.

Review by Elaine McDonald


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