The Enemies @ Whelan’s (photos)

The Enemies

The Enemies

Whelan’s hosted The Enemies last night in their main venue. The band were kind enough to invite us there so we showed up at 8 PM sharp, with our dancing shoes on and the camera ready.

The Enemies are a 5 piece band formed in Drogheda. According to an interview they did, the band started in 2003 as two guys (Ronan and Colin) and their guitars, singing in pubs. They’re called The Enemies because the two founders used to play in rival bands. After a while of playing in pubs for fun they were joined by Monty, Brush and Johnny. The guys are experienced musicians and songwriters and that is obvious as soon as you hear one of their songs. The lyrics for most of the songs are written by Ronan and Johnny. In March 2011 the band released their first EP, available for digital download on iTunes.
Find out more about The Enemies on their website, their Facebook page and stay updated by following them on Twitter. Besides their music, The Enemies are famous for Colin’s acting. He starred in many movies (The Rite, alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins) and series (The Tudors). Last sunday, Colin appeared in the US series “Once Upon A Time” as Captain Hook.They will go on tour to the US and Canada next year and since they have so many fans there (and in many other places around the world), the tour is a must.The gig at Whelan’s was extremely entertaining. Even though the venue was not exactly packed, the crowd felt like a big group of friends. There was dancing, Ronan came down from the stage with his guitar to join the party at one point and everyone had a great time. The Enemies are one of those bands that perform really well live. Their music seems much more energetic live, so if you get a chance to see them, don’t hesitate.

Band Members:

  • Ronan McQuillan – lead vocals, guitar
  • Mark Montague (Monty) – drums
  • Colin O’Donoghue – guitar
  • Martin Shields (Brush) – bass, vocals
  • Johnny Crean – guitar, vocals


Lucy Ivan

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