The Hard Ground’s ‘Triptych: 2’ EP – Review

The Hard Ground's 'Triptych: 2' EP - Review

The Hard Ground's 'Triptych: 2' EP - ReviewThe Hard Ground are a five piece who have decided to release their album in three stages. They are called Triptych :1, Triptych: 2 and presumably Triptych: 3 will follow. Firstly, a Triptych is an art piece that is divided in three and they can be hinged together and then open/folded. This in itself is a really interesting way to relate it to an album and is a very original move of the band.

The second instalment is a truly enjoyable and impressive piece of work. The four songs showcase perfectly the band’s sound. “Coin Toss” is a particularly good example of this with the skilful interaction between the male and female vocals. This up-beat track really shines through on the EP, there’s so many elements to it that listen after listen, you’re still noticing new things. The vocals are really beautiful and the two voices work so well together, it also helps that The Hard Ground obviously know exactly how to use this to their (and their music’s) advantage. However, if it’s a more relaxed, slow-tempo song you’re after, “Deep in Green” is equally enjoyable and is just a bit more mellow but still has the same punch as the other songs.

All in all this is a very impressive piece of work and should only raise excitement for the third and final EP of the trilogy.

“Triptych: 2” available exclusively as a digital download from Friday September 12th.

The Hard Ground will play a double headline show with Marc O’Reilly at The Grand Social, Dublin on the 8th of October.

Review by Orla Conway


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