The Hot Sprockets – “Soul Brother” (Review)

The Hot Sprockets

Swaggering out of yet another late night grindhouse, come The Hot Sprockets with their fantastic Record Store Day single, “Soul Brother” and its equally brilliant video. Both the song and video are hot slices of pure Americana through a distinctively Irish filter.

These five lads from Dublin have built up quite a name for themselves on the indie scene already thanks to some great tunes, fun visuals and a phenomenal live show. The latest in a line of great tunes, “Soul Brother” is a surefire hit; it’s funky and fresh, all toe-tapping and hip swinging. The band are taking rock music right back to its roots in rhythm and blues, with influences from the likes of MC5, Eagles of Death Metal and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Despite the title, the single is far from cheesy and is a wonderfully Irish take on a strictly American sound.

The accompanying video is an equally brilliant Tarantino pastiche (we are doing pastiches of pastiche now, how post modern) and finds The Hot Sprockets tearing around the cinematically beautiful Cavan on a mission to save their lady friend. Harking back to 70’s exploitation films, the grindhouse style is the perfect accompaniment to the band’s sound and it’s surely only a matter of time before Tarantino himself decides to tap The Hot Sprockets for a soundtrack feature.

The Hot Sprockets are going from strength to strength lately, with their tracks being featured in the likes of BBC comedy ‘Fresh’, RTE’s ‘RAW’ and even ads for Bulmers. We would recommend you catch their brilliant live shows when you can on their nationwide tour through April and May.

‘Soul Brother’ is released on vinyl and digitaldownload on April 20. Dubliners can catch The Hot Sprockets live at the single launch party on Saturday night at Whelan’s. Tickets are 10 and available now at WAV Tickets. You could also win a pair of tickets for their show in Whelan’s. Enter the draw!

Review by Damien Ryan


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